Winter & White Jeans

It’s winter, we all know that.  What’s worse than grey skies and a few snow flurries? When you live in the south and expect it to be sunny…well, nothing is much worse than bad weather.

I’m sharing one of my favorite looks with you this week, a pop of color fall sweater with white jeans and a dark bootie heel to tie the entire look together.  As a fashionista myself, one of my favorite things to do is mix items when creating an outfit.

What if I told you this entire look was less than $125?

IMG_6521 2

I absolutely love mixing and matching different pieces of clothing together!  What I mean by that is, I like being able to wear shoes that may cost $20 and pair them with a dress or sweater that costs $150.  Now, in this case, overall this look is fairly affordable.  However, if you’re wearing a dress that may cost $250, can you really afford a pair of shoes that costs just as much if not more?

Here’s how I’m able to dress posh on a budget.

Let’s examine.

IMG_1412_preview (1)

Jewelry – Tassels are in this season. There’s absolutely no question about that.  They’re in every major boutique store.  However, sometimes they’re not the most affordable. That’s why I decided to sign up for Jewlybox.  Jewlybox is a jewelry subscription service which allows you to receive three gorgeous pieces of jewelry like these earrings for just $29 a month.  You can’t beat that.  I got these gorgeous white tassel earrings in my box along with two other amazing pieces for just $29!  You can check out Jewlybox here!

Sweater – This sweater every known blogger was rocking this season and I have to say, I’m obsessed.  I purchased this sweater from Nordstrom and I believe it was $39.  Not too bad for a brand new and trendy piece of clothing from  Unfortunately, they only have it left in white but you can shop it here and it’s on sale!

Jeans – Hudson. All the way.  I am obsessed with Hudson jeans.  There’s something about these jeans that just conform to your body and hug you in all the right places (if you know what I mean).  I have a pair of black, white and dark blue denim jeans from Hudson Jeans and they’re my go-to every season!  They’re a little expensive but definitely worth the investment.  I’ve linked similar jeans to the one’s I’m wearing here!

Shoes – I purchased these booties years ago from Forever 21 in both black and brown and I’ve definitely gotten my wear out of them this season.  If there’s something I will tell you, it’s never to invest more than $30 in your everyday shoes.  Obviously it’s fun to have the Christian Louboutin heels and Stuart Weitzman boots.  However, is it practical for us non-Kardashians?  No.  Go to Forever 21 and get yourself some affordable shoes – you’ll be glad you did – trust me!  Unfortunately, because they’re so old, I wasn’t able to find the exact bootie heel! But you can shop what I was able to find here!

Sugar Beach: A Viceroy Resort – Saint Lucia

This is a post I’ve wanted to make for a long time and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you guys! Back in September, I took the vacation of a lifetime and it honestly is so hard for me to not jump on a flight right now and go back as I’m writing this post.  I discovered one of the most beautiful places on earth, Saint Lucia.

This is my photo – taken with an iPhone.  Just look at this view and how clear this beach was.  Absolutely breathtaking!

I had a driver pick me up from the airport and it was about an hour ride from the airport into the resort.  This part was one of the coolest experiences! It was one of the only places I have been outside of the country where the people also spoke english, so there wasn’t really a language barrier.  This made learning about the culture a really cool experience.

View from the villa.

As soon as we began driving into Sugar Beach, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it was literally heaven on earth.  The little villas were all white and looked like gorgeous little houses scattered around the island.  Security was also really intense which made me feel better about where we were going!

As soon as we got to the villa, I couldn’t help but take a picture of the bed and the gorgeous canopy.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was!  (I’ve mixed in some of my photos with photos from the resort to show some of the other rooms and decor.)


I went to bed really early that night because it had been such a long day of travel.   The next morning, I had a spa appointment at quite possibly one of the most well done spas I’ve ever seen.  It was literally set in the rain forest with little rooms tucked in the trees like treehouses.  I got a really exfoliating scrub and a 90 minute massage – absolutely amazing.

Then, I went to the sulfur springs and got to bathe in lava from the volcanos on the island.  This was probably the coolest experience because, where else can you bathe in black sulfur – I know you can’t do that in the states!  I didn’t really take photos of this experience because there were quite a few people doing the same treatment.

On the last night, I ate dinner at the Ladera Resort where there were views of the big two peaks on the island.  Being completely honest, the food was really not very good.  However, when you go to Saint Lucia, you have to eat at this restaurant for the views alone! It honestly felt like we were in prehistoric times or something, one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had!


The remainder of the time, I mainly spent at the beach.  The water and the views were incredible.  Viceroy really hit the nail on the head with making everything about this place feel magical.  I would recommend it for a weekend trip, similar to what I took, or your honeymoon! I definitely want to honeymoon here someday because it was truly a magical place.

I hope you guys enjoy these travel blogs! I think it’s so fun to learn from other bloggers and people who have had experiences! I would recommend everything about Sugar Beach and think Saint Lucia is definitely one of the better places to go in the Caribbean!


Where will I go next?

The Four Seasons: Costa Rica


So, this Christmas was one for the books! In large part because of the amazing hospitality and gorgeous atmosphere of the Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica.  I had the trip of a lifetime and I’m so excited to tell you all about it in case you’re thinking of visiting the area soon.


So, let me start by saying, this resort is like paradise.  Recently the resort underwent a renovation and I had the experience of getting to stay at the hotel during high season right after the renovation and the expectations were far from exceeded.  The staff was unbelievably accommodating and helpful and were always nearby to check in on your experience!


Day One: Spent pretty much just as pictured above, with a Pina Colada in hand soaking up the sun! Dinner this night was absolutely amazing.  Two of the nights we were there they had gorgeous events planned, one was a Mexican themed night and the other was an Asian themed night.  These dinner parties were absolutely incredible.  I wish I could have gotten better images of these festivities but unfortunately the lighting was not so conducive.

Day Two: Zip-lining Activity.  As soon as I explain this one, you’ll understand why I didn’t get any photographs.   I pulled some photographs from the website that does the zip-lining just to show how absolutely intense this activity was.  I cannot even begin to explain how insane this was.  If you don’t like heights, you certainly would not enjoy this!


Although we didn’t really enjoy the zip-lining due to it’s intensity, the center had a zoo on site which was really cool to see some of the local animals!  We were able to see sloths, crocodiles, and monkeys! If you have children this would be a really fun place to take them just to see the animals alone.


Note: the zip-lining center is only accessible by taking a 30-minute boat ride from The Four Seasons.


The boat ride back that evening was absolutely stunning.  That alone was an excursion of its own.  Seeing the gorgeous sunset and waves was something I never thought I would have an opportunity to experience.

Day Three: We decided to take things easy after the zip-lining activity! We did a jet-ski tour around the coast and spent some time resting by the beach.  We may have gone to the spa to de-stress after such an eventful Day Two.


The way back in the plane was so relaxing.  Some stretching out was definitely necessary after working so hard all week 😉 I can’t wait to come back to The Four Seasons Costa Rica.  It really was the best way to spend the holidays and I wouldn’t change a thing!


Stay tuned for my next post to see where we went after Costa Rica for New Years Eve!