The Four Seasons: Costa Rica


So, this Christmas was one for the books! In large part because of the amazing hospitality and gorgeous atmosphere of the Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica.  I had the trip of a lifetime and I’m so excited to tell you all about it in case you’re thinking of visiting the area soon.


So, let me start by saying, this resort is like paradise.  Recently the resort underwent a renovation and I had the experience of getting to stay at the hotel during high season right after the renovation and the expectations were far from exceeded.  The staff was unbelievably accommodating and helpful and were always nearby to check in on your experience!


Day One: Spent pretty much just as pictured above, with a Pina Colada in hand soaking up the sun! Dinner this night was absolutely amazing.  Two of the nights we were there they had gorgeous events planned, one was a Mexican themed night and the other was an Asian themed night.  These dinner parties were absolutely incredible.  I wish I could have gotten better images of these festivities but unfortunately the lighting was not so conducive.

Day Two: Zip-lining Activity.  As soon as I explain this one, you’ll understand why I didn’t get any photographs.   I pulled some photographs from the website that does the zip-lining just to show how absolutely intense this activity was.  I cannot even begin to explain how insane this was.  If you don’t like heights, you certainly would not enjoy this!


Although we didn’t really enjoy the zip-lining due to it’s intensity, the center had a zoo on site which was really cool to see some of the local animals!  We were able to see sloths, crocodiles, and monkeys! If you have children this would be a really fun place to take them just to see the animals alone.


Note: the zip-lining center is only accessible by taking a 30-minute boat ride from The Four Seasons.


The boat ride back that evening was absolutely stunning.  That alone was an excursion of its own.  Seeing the gorgeous sunset and waves was something I never thought I would have an opportunity to experience.

Day Three: We decided to take things easy after the zip-lining activity! We did a jet-ski tour around the coast and spent some time resting by the beach.  We may have gone to the spa to de-stress after such an eventful Day Two.


The way back in the plane was so relaxing.  Some stretching out was definitely necessary after working so hard all week 😉 I can’t wait to come back to The Four Seasons Costa Rica.  It really was the best way to spend the holidays and I wouldn’t change a thing!


Stay tuned for my next post to see where we went after Costa Rica for New Years Eve!

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